Blue Calcite Gallet
Blue Calcite Gallet
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Blue Calcite Gallet

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Each piece is carefully handpicked and examined prior to shipping to ensure that you receive great quality. The crystals will be chosen at random due to the level of inventory and demand.

This listing is for ONE Blue Calcite Gallet.

NOTE: these are stock photos. Sizing and characteristics will vary between pieces because they are in their natural state.

Blue Calcite is a crystal that soothes and calms...just look at that baby blue color!

Chakras: Third Eye & Throat

If you would like a certain shape or shade of color please include that in your notes and we will do our best to match your request. The beauty of natural crystals is that they are all different and may vary in shades of color.

**Crystal Healing is not meant to be a replacement to medicine, it is simply holistic if you choose to believe the metaphysical properties. Ahimsa Vibe does not take responsibility for the misuse of this information**